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EFLESL offers one of the most comprehensive listings of EFL-ESL employment Web sites. In this section of our site, you will find a collection of available jobs from around the globe – literally everywhere from Mexico and Central America to the far reaches of Asia and Africa. Teaching english overseas is truly a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and explore amazing and exotic places you always dreamed of visiting. The best part about teaching abroad is that you can visit and explore a foreign land while getting paid for your services. You can’t experience everything that a place and its culture have to offer until you’ve actually lived there – brings this opportunity to you!

Instructing english overseas also provides teachers with valuable experience to further their careers within their profession. Having successfully instructed english overseas not only looks great on a resume, but it is well respected by those who know how much it helps people grow and expand their teaching and cultural horizons. Most people who have completed overseas teaching english engagements look back at their experience as something that helped them grow professionally and personally – and as something that they are very thankful for having done. Teaching abroad and immersing yourself in a country that speaks another language is also the best way to effectively learn or improve your existing skills in their language.

We welcome you to use our site to browse through a consolidated listing of overseas teaching english opportunities. Please be advised that, although we take every effort to check out different Web sites and listings that are posted on our site, we are not directly affiliated with these other sites. You should exercise normal judgment, request photographs and ask the appropriate questions in ensuring that salary, premises and other conditions meet your expectations before accepting an overseas position. Salaries can vary to a large degree depending on region, and also can vary within a given region based on the school or company that is hiring for the position. Conditions can also vary greatly depending on the economic situation of the region you are going to, and other factors.

If you are serious about furthering your career, broadening your cultural experiences and making a big difference in the lives of students who will never forget the doors you help open for them, an overseas teaching english position is for you! Bookmark this page and check back with us often to find all of the latest job postings.

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